First appeared in Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Issue #103, September 6, 2012, and was reprinted in Ceaseless West: Weird Western Stories from Beneath Ceaseless Skies Online Magazine.

I've published two short stories, both wierd westerns. Both appeared in the most excellent Beneath Ceaseless Skies online magazine. While the stories are independent, they share a common world.

A ruthless general and his army plunder the home of a long-dead spirit in search of legendary treasure, but the spirit-home isn't dead anymore and a borderlands lawman is the only one who can protect the newborn creatures who live there.

Short Stories

Gunslinger Jacsen and the boy he orphaned ride to the defense of a castle called The Grange, but the witch who besieges it is less interested in the castle than in Jacsen himself whose ancestry, properly carved away, could grant the witch immortality.

Science Fiction, Fantasy, Romance, Adventure.  

First appeared in Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Issue #123, June 13, 2013, and was reprinted in The Best of Beneath Ceaseless Skies Online Magazine, Year Five.

Don Allmon