JULY 4, 2017

A sample chapter of The Glamour Thieves is now available on the Riptide website! Meet the guys who've been occupying my mind for a couple years now: "That part where Austin bribes JT with a stolen car."

JULY 10, 2017

My first review, and it's awesome! "A cyberpunk sensibility, intense action, and flagrant sensuality make a potent mix in Allmon’s swoonworthy debut erotic romance, with sexual encounters that echo the heat of its fantastical near-future Arizona setting." Publisher's Weekly STARRED review.

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AUGUST 4, 2018

The final book in the Blue Unicorn Trilogy, THE BURNING MAGUS, will be published on November 19! JT and Austin finally get their HEA!

JULY 4, 2017

I've written a guest piece for Janice Hardy's Fiction University's "How They Do It" series on foreshadowing. Read it here!

Science Fiction, Fantasy, Romance, Adventure.  

Don Allmon

AUGUST 28, 2017

Over at Joyfully Jay, they gave me a bit of space to write about some of the research I did for THE GLAMOUR THIEVES: "When I Die, Please Delete My Browser History." Give it a read and leave a comment for a chance to win a $20 Riptide Gift Card!