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SEPT 10, 2017

So Sara Megibow, my agent, got together Michael Martinez (author of the MAJESTIC 12 series and the DAEDALUS trilogy), Spencer Ellsworth (debut author of A RED PEACE), and myself and asked us some quick questions and here's how it went:

Your favorite character interaction in YOUR book:
Don: Early in the story Austin has grudge-sex with the bouncer at a bar, except Austin’s grudge isn’t with the bouncer. I always feel sorry for the guy.
Michael: When the least empathetic character I've ever written, Maggie, is talking about life with the most empathetic character I've ever written, Cal, and the sadness and envy just whacks Maggie so hard.
Spencer: I really like the end... spoiler. I took a messed up protagonist and a messed-up antagonist and finally managed to get them together in the same place.

The nicest thing someone has said about YOUR writing:
Don: “I have SUCH a hangover from this book.” At first, I didn’t realize it was a compliment.
Michael: Someone at a signing said they had my books in trade paperback and audio, but wanted signed mass-market paperbacks too.
Spencer: Claire Eddy at Tor read my story When Stars Are Scattered & emailed "Oh you. You made me weep like a baby just now."

Your funniest author moment:
Don: My first reading I shook so bad the pages rattled.  (Okay, that wasn’t actually funny, it was awful, but it’s the best I got.)
Michael: All I can say is that it involved Scotch.
Spencer: Turning down sex to write. Funny in hindsight.

Now for a SPEED ROUND!!! Tell us your…

Favorite Place to Write
Don: Anywhere with beer and wireless.
Michael: Airplanes! White noise + free drinks = writing heaven.
Spencer: Village Books, Bellingham WA

Favorite SF/F Character
Don: Jean Tannen (Gentleman Bastards series)
Michael: Samwise Gamgee
Spencer: Anyanwu from Octavia Butler's Wild Seed. B.A.M.F.

Coolest SF/F Vehicle
Don: The Millennium Falcon.
Michael: Er...HMS Daedalus from The Daedalus Incident, of course.
Spencer: Mûmakil. You didn't fool me, Peter Jackson; I was rooting for the oliphaunts.

Baddest-A##  SF/F Weapon
Don: Stormbringer
Michael: I second Stormbringer. 
Spencer: Sting. Glows blue, fits in the hand, good for getting rid of spiders, tends to bring out the great Elf-warrior in a hobbit.

Sexiest Fantasy Kiss

Don: Han & Leia’s first kiss (runner-up: Spiderman & MJ’s upside-down kiss).
Michael: NONE OF YOUR...oh, wait. Never mind. Next question. 
Spencer: I'm on a Lord of the Rings kick now, but that series isn't really known for sexy smooches. Unless we go SLASHFIC. Google tells me it's Legolas and Gimli, and who am I to argue?

Best Book Advocate
Don: Sara Megibow of course!
Michael: Paul Weimer, one of the most knowledgeable and discerning reviewers out there.
Spencer: Duane at University Bookstore in Seattle. Tirelessly getting SF out into the world of the Puget Sound.

Favorite Bookstore
Don: B&N on the Plaza in Kansas City.
Michael: Borderlands Books in San Francisco. 
Spencer: Again, Village Books at Bellingham, WA! Who come in a close second as advocates.

Cheers! Thanks y’all and check out these amazing authors here:

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