Science Fiction, Fantasy, Romance, Adventure.  

Don Allmon

July 4: I've written a guest piece for Janice Hardy's Fiction University's "How They Do It" series on foreshadowing. Read it here!

Appearances & News

July 4: A sample chapter of The Glamour Thieves is now available on the Riptide website! Meet the guys who've been occupying my mind for a couple years now: "That part where Austin bribes JT with a stolen car."

July 10: My first review, and it's awesome! "A cyberpunk sensibility, intense action, and flagrant sensuality make a potent mix in Allmon’s swoonworthy debut erotic romance, with sexual encounters that echo the heat of its fantastical near-future Arizona setting." Publisher's Weekly STARRED review.

My debut book, The Glamour Thieves, is available for pre-order from these retailers (more to come)!